Thursday, December 9, 2010

December Daily: Day 9

Now, I know you all tune in for your regular dose of Charlie, but I could not help but share these. You do not live in upstate NY without expecting a fair amount of snow every winter. However, snow that literally does not stop for days on end is not typical! Last I heard we were at 96 straight hours of snow, totaling close to 4 feet (but it is still snowing here in our neighborhood). These were taken yesterday afternoon during the only break of sunlight we have seen since last week.

the snow that has blown onto our covered front porch

the view from our front porch across our front yard
Note the buried cute little tree decorations we put up at the bottom of the pic

the 4 foot chain link fence in our backyard
(You cant see any of the fence this morning!)

our neighbors' back deck

Despite all we complain though, how can you question the beauty of this??

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