Thursday, November 18, 2010


This year we are thankful for...

- the incredible growth and changes that we see in our little man everyday. He never ceases to amaze us!

- our health. Despite sniffles and sneezes along the way, all in all, we have all been blessed with good health this past year.

- the freedom to spend time together as a family doing things that we love.

- our home that suits us just fine. It may not be big or grand, but it is us and it is home.

- our family who continues to show us love and support day after day. We have thoroughly enjoyed seeing Charlie come to recognize and love each of them this past year and watch their love for him grow.

- the opportunities we have been given to connect with our community, giving us a sense of purpose outside our immediate world.

- our friends who have are an immensely important extension of our family and provide us with more and more reasons to feel incredibly blessed.

- the experiences we have had this past year: traveling and visiting with friends and family.

- the ability to stay home with Charlie every day. We know we are luckier than many in this respect.

- all the CDH families whom we continue to keep in touch with and have such a special bond with. Please know that you always hold a special place in our hearts and are a source of inspiration day in and day out.

- all our blog followers whom continue to lift us up and support us through our every day lives.

- our faith that gives us reason to believe that all is right with the world no matter what we are faced with.

- our love for each other than has been unwavering through our darkest moments. We have been shown that what we have is not typical and cherishing each other and our love is an absolute necessity in life.

- our love for our amazing son Charlie that continues to grow and blossom day after day. Every time we think it could not get any better, it always does.

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