Thursday, October 28, 2010

October Fall Outings

We have been blessed with some AMAZING fall weather this month in central New York! We have had the occasional rainy days, but cannot complain in comparison to the rest of the days we have had! It makes for some pretty spectacular fall pictures - so many that I will probably have to split this post into multiple posts.

Over Columbus Day weekend, we make a trip to Saratoga to visit my grandparents. It was a great time as always! We had Emanuel along with us and he loved having a new audience to entertain for a couple of days! While there we went to the Cider Festival at Eagle Mills near Saratoga. They had lots of fun little things for the boys and they we able to run all over and have tons of fun!

Beep! Beep!
Driving the tractor...

"This thing doesn't move very quickly guys!"

"Hey there, buddy... What's your name?"

GG and her three little men!
We got to meet my cousin's son, Hunter, for the first time.

On one of the beautiful blue sky days we have had, I dragged Charlie (stroller in tow) along to Green Lakes to take in the fall foliage and get some pictures. I rewarded him for putting up with our stop and go pace around the lake by allowing him some time on the playground when we were done. He is getting rather brave on the playgrounds and goes up and down by himself pretty well now! Makes me a little nervous from time to time, but he thinks it is great fun!

"I can do this by myself mom... I think..."

The colors were just amazing!!
This does not even do it justice!

We made another trip to the playground by our house after picking Emanuel up from school this week because it was just too nice to go home! The boys thoroughly enjoyed the unexpected stop and did not want to leave.

Cheesing on the big boy slide!!

leaf play time...

the closest I was able to get to a picture in the leaves...

Charlie booking it across the bridge...

Charlie on the same bridge a year ago...

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