Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Choo Choo, Blue, and Three

Charlie is such a boy! How is it that boys know just what it is to be a boy?? I just dont understand it! I dont think we have pushed him in any way or another, but he is ALL boy!

Among his new favorites is any kind of vehicle - - cars and trucks passing by the house, planes flying overhead, the train we can occasionally hear from our house. Most things with wheels are referred to as "car" and they all seem to make a "choo choo" sound according to him. Regardless of his confusion about their names and sounds, he lives for pointing them out whenever he sees or hears any of them!

Another misunderstood favorite of Charlie's is the color blue. We have been pointing out the colors of things for awhile now, but he has taken a liking to the word "blue" and uses it to categorize just about everything that he does not have a word for. No rose colored glasses for this kid! Though he is happy enough to see things as blue.

Charlie runs and climbs and leaps like he is part jungle monkey and it is a small wonder he hasnt suffered anything more than the occasional bump and bruise. His latest trick is "counting" before he sends himself hurtling towards his next unsuspecting victim. However, he avoids the number one like the plague and wont say it for anything. So, it goes something like this: Charlie gets his target in sight (ie: a stuffed animal, the arm of the couch, a pile of pillows, an unsupsecting mommy), he starts to gear up for the attack positioning himself and gaining the proper balance, then he counts ("three, two, THREE!") and he hurtles forward, throwing himself onto his victim while laughing hysterically. It really is quite funny, but I am a little afraid he is going to end up hurting himself or some one on the receiving end. Really though, how are you supposed to stop him from doing it?? Maybe I am just not a good disciplinarian, but I dont see how!

We went for our 18 month check up at the pediatrician's last week and he was great! No crying at all, except for during his shots, but thats to be expected. He is now 24 lbs 1 oz (up only 13 oz since May) which is the 25th percentile for weight and 32 3/4 inches which is the 75th percentile for height. He is long and lean! The pediatrician attributed his slower weight gain to the fact that he is fairly active!

Over the past year or more, I have asked multiple people in our pediatrician's office about having Charlie's hearing tested. Not that I think there is a problem - - he shows no indications of hearing loss and speech-wise is developing fine - - but there is a connection between CDH and hearing loss. Whenever I have asked about it, whomever I have been talking to has put my fears at ease and told me we would know if there was a problem. But its always been in the back of my head and I know other CDH babies get hearing tests regularly. A couple months ago, we received a newsletter from a CDH genetic study we are taking part in and they had an article on hearing loss and explained it a little more. SO.... I asked our ped (the one in the office whom I have come to like the most) and she said of course we could check it and there was no harm in doing so. So, they ran the test and he passed, just as I expected, but it is good to have that affirmation!

The only things we need to work on are (1) continuing to try to transition to sippy cups (He wont take them with milk, but he will drink juice and water from them.) and (2) his tip toe walking (His tendons are starting to get a little tight from him being on his toes too much). When he first started walking, it was only on his toes, but then after a few weeks he went to flat feet. Then a couple months ago he started walking on his toes again - - not all the time, but often enough to be noticeable. So, now we have to be a little more cognizant of it and remind him "flat feet!" when we catch him. He's a sneaky boy though - - if he knows there is something we dont want him to do, he will want to do it all the more!

Nothing else of great concern at our check up. They did increase his zantac dosage to correspond better with his weight as per Dr Ratner's request. He is now at 3mls and will probably stay there for the next 6 months before we start weaning him again. And by weaning, we just wont increase the dosage as he grows. Hopefully by then he will be reflux free!

We celebrated our friends' son, Noah's, first birthday earlier this month. Charlie's gift to Noah: lessons on how to appropriately eat a birthday cake.

"First you start with a little taste on the finger tips..."

"Then, Noah, I prefer the grab and smoosh method..."

"How am I doing guys?"

"Do I have something on my face?"

Last weekend we spent some time in Buffalo for a family party. We extended our trip with a visit to the Buffalo zoo. This was my view most of the afternoon (not that I am complaining! Its a great view to have!):


Polar Bears


My good friend, Addie, and I finally got together after far too long! She brought her two boys over and we had a great little play date with the four boys together! Four boys make A LOT of noise, but Addie and I were still able to catch up!

This took some effort!
L-R: Nolan (18mts), Charlie (18mts),
Max (2 yrs), Emanuel (almost 4yrs)

Charlie asleep during lunch once again!
Seems to happen more often than not lately! :-)

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