Friday, May 14, 2010

another unsolved Charlie mystery

So, the pediatrician's office called yesterday afternoon with Charlie's allergy test results and surprisingly everything came back negative! While this is obviously good, exciting news, it does make you wonder what are the chances of breaking out in hives when milk was introduced without having an allergy. Hmmm... Just one more unsolved Charlie mystery!

So the plan now is to reintroduce all the dairy foods we were already giving him before he had the reaction (yogurt and cheese). Once he shows he can tolerate those still, then we will SLOWLY begin to introduce whole milk again and keep our fingers crossed. If he happens to react again, then we will probably have to bring him to an allergist to get a specialist's opinion on the matter.

We are going to remain status quo for the weekend and switch it up next week. I will keep you posted, but am hoping for no exciting news to share! :-)


DevonLeah said...

Hm...that is good news. Im thinking that he may have had a slight milk allergy and you keeping it out of his system helped. This kind of just happened with my friends daughter. Her results came back so low the dr couldnt even see how she was breaking out. But she hopefully this was something Charlie grew out of?!? Hopefully the re-indroducing will go smoothly!! hugs!!

Bridget said...

I have a feeling aunt B's mac & cheese won't be introduced for a VERY long time...