Tuesday, April 6, 2010

sunshine and smiles

The weather has been unseasonably AMAZING for early spring in Syracuse! We have been out playing as often as possible and even made it to the zoo last week. Weather for Easter weekend was the best I can remember in a while and we had a fantastic holiday. We went to brunch with our nephew Emanuel and Vince's parents and then spent a couple hours at the playground. Charlie loved everything about it. He devoured a couple mini blueberry muffins at brunch, making a huge mess all over the table and floor and was so well behaved! He had a great time at the playground running all over and picking up the wood chips. He got to swing a little bit and loved the slide! He is a true daredevil little boy who was not satisfied with being put at the top of the slide before going down - he had to climb back up the slide after going down every time. In all, Charlie has just been as happy and cute as can be lately!!

"Wow... thats one big kitty..."

"Hey are you looking at me??? I am going to throw this thing!"

just super cute!!

The Easter Bunny must love Charlie!

All smiles at Easter brunch!
"More blueberry muffins please!"

swinging with Grandma

first time down the slide - not so sure about it!

"I love the breeze blowing in my hair!"

He looks like such a little boy now!
No more baby!

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Hua said...

Hey Patty,

Charlie looks like he had an amazing time. I also think blueberry muffins are delicious!

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