Thursday, January 29, 2009

Nursery Pictures

I was looking for something to do to keep myself busy for a little while, so I thought I would post the nursery pictures that I promised months ago!

Here is the room before we got started. You can see the table cloth that doubled as curtains for awhile. And it looks like the room is in the middle of being done because that is how the previous owners left it.

Here is the fabulous faux finished/textured wall that the previous owners also left us with. It was not really the whole wall, just a big chunk of it. It had plaster rolled out with what we think was a roller wrapped in paper towels. It was quite the mess to try to fix, as you can see from the picture of Vince after sanding it down. Luckily he listened to me when I told him he should wear a mask while working!

Vince put in a new overhead light. There was no overhead lighting before, but he used the wall outlet to put one in and attach it to the light switch by the door.

I made the painting process more complicated by asking for multiple colors. Vince took a lot of time and energy trying to get the lines perfectly straight and our friend Bridget came over to help him with the painting itself.

When the painting was done we tackled putting the crib together.

Within 5 minutes of getting the crib complete with bedding so that we could see the final product, we returned to the nursery to find...

We are still working on breaking Chester of this bad habit.

Here is the final product once everything was put in. We are really happy with how it came out. Vince did a great job! (All is did was stamp stars on the white stripe - I cannot take much credit other than that!)


Julie, the mama said...

The nursery is absolutely precious. We continue to lift up Gumdrop in prayer. Thanks for the updates.

Fer said...

Awww it is perfect!