Monday, November 17, 2008

Latest Choices West Appointment

We just came from our latest appointment at Choices West and it was a great experience. Mom's weight is still in check, blood sugar levels are controlled and good, heartbeat was good and strong, and Gumdrop's head is down where it is supposed to be. All good news!

We also got to meet with Dr. Neulander today. Choices West is his practice, but we have never met with him. He is the first medical person who has handled our situation as a human being, not just a doctor. He put many of our concerns to rest. We should definitely be able to have one of the mid-wives deliver the baby and we should be able to have a natural birth. This is all pending no other complications of course, but the chances are the same as any other normal pregnancy. Dr. Neulander also assured us that we can name our choice for which mid-wife to deliver the baby and that he would make a point of being there as well. So, that is a very comforting thought. While we know that this situation was beyond everyone's control, he was apologetic about what we have to deal with. His sympathy was comforting and we feel completely at ease with being under the care of his office.

In other baby news... we purchased a crib and matching dressers yesterday. Dad is picking up the crib tonight and we have to wait for the dressers to be delivered in a few weeks. Dad worked on the nursery all day Saturday and made some good progress. Bridget came over and was a huge help too. It should be done in the next few days hopefully!

We also went yesterday and had maternity photos taken. We already looked at the proofs last night and are very pleased with how they looked. There are definitely a few that we are going to look to buy prints of. The photographer that we went to has a studio right in the basement of his house. He was really nice and his assistant was wonderful. It was really a great experience!

So, we are getting along well! It is a busy week coming up with birthing classes, meeting with the pediatrician, and a million other things! Busy, but productive! We will keep you posted! Stay warm!

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